Trend Dashboard Trading System is a very useful tool to determine the current trend in all different timeframes.

As you can see from the screenshot, there is many different Trend Signals symbol show on the chart. Each trend utilizes a different method to determine the current trend of the current currency pair in each timeframe.

You can tell how the trend is going to be in a certain time frame very easily. For example,

in the 1-Minute timeframe, 4 trend indicators all display a UP signal. So, you can tell that the trend is going very strong and we can open a Long position. If in a certain timeframe, there are at least 3 UP signal then we can open a LONG position.

If there are at least 3 DOWN signal, then we can open a SHORT position. In other situations, do not enter a trade.

Trend Dashboard Trading System

Trend Dashboard Trading System Rules

—For A Buy Trade:

When All Metrix Turns Green

Both Arrow Turns Green

—For A Short Trade:

When All Metrix Turns Red

Both Arrow Turns Red

How to install a custom indicator to your MetaTrader 4 platform

1. Locate and copy the MT4 custom indicator file on your computer. These are the MT4 indicator files that you would have downloaded.

2. Open the data folder.

3. Open MQL4 file.

4. Open the indicators folder.

5. Paste the files.

6. Restart MetaTrader 4.

All is Done!